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Retirement Annuities

Safety & Guaranteed Incomes make people happy!

Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIA's) are Financial Contracts offered by Life Insurance Companies that provide financial security for retirement. FIA's can provide an income  you can never outlive. FIA's provide a way to earn money safely without the risk of loss in the event of a market down turn.  FIA's offer the safety and guarantees that most retirees are looking for today! to learn more about Annuities,  Call Kursti Woolard Today!

Annuity Disclaimer Statement

Annuities are not a Bank Products. Therefore they are not FDIC insured.  Annuities are backed by the saftey and financial security and responsibility of the Annuity company offering selling the Annuity.  Annuities are Life Insurance Products and are regulated by the State Insurance regulatory that the Annuity company operates in. Kursti Woolard  only offers A Rated Annuity Products. and companies that have a proven track record of financial stability.

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