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Medicare only pays about 80% of your medical Costs, You need an Insurance plan to cover the difference.

Turning 65's have a short window of time to enroll when first elegible, I will make sure understand these rules, you should contact me 4 to 5 months before you plan to retire if possible. But I can meet with you anytime to get you the help you need.

Keeping Your Employer Group Coverage after Retirement  MAY or MAYNOT be the best thing for you. You need a trained Agent to help make sure you are making the RIGHT choice . I will show you the Pro's & Cons of both options.

Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans are NOT the same thing. Many people are confused about these two different ways to receive Health Benefits . These two options are extremely different from one another. Choosing the wrong plan for yourself could be a costly mistake. I will make sure you understand how Medicare works , How the different plans can effect your Medical Care Options and your wallet. And help you select the right Insurance Plan for you.

Why you should use an Independent  Insurance Agent/Broker. Because, as an independent Agent I am not captive to any particular insurance company. I am NOT their employee. I work for you! I can represent a variety of Insurance Companies. That means I am going to shop for the Insurance Plans with the best coverage and the best prices.

Kursti Woolard

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