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Client Reviews

See What Kursti's Clients are Saying About Her.

Kursti has hundreds of clients that she has helped over the past fifteen years.  Here are just a few of the testimonials of people that have worked with Kursti.

Kursti Woolard is a throw back to the days when customer service meant a professional person actually knew their clients and cared for them as if they were people to be helped not simply customers to be served. Each person Kursti takes on as a client gets her very best professional service and her very best personal service. She is a partner in your endeavors. She listens to you. She has integrity. There aren't enough people like Kursti in the business world. 

Kursti gave me wonderful, sound advice on how to better manage my financial resources--including finding more reasonable rates on my home owners insurance.  It saved me several thousand dollars. She did all of this without any compensation.  I really appreciate her being there for me

Kay Fager

Chesapeake, VA

My name is Keith & with the great help from Kursti my transition from work to retirement has been fantastic....I have no idea where I would be without her knowledge & expertise in helping with all my financial needs...

Thanks for all your help.



 Keith Scott

Suffolk, VA

Ron & Tina Jones

Chesapeake, VA

Kursti has been awesome! Since I have known her she has taken all the guess work out of the thought process for both my life and car insurance. She has worked quickly and hard to find the best deals and to keep me updated on ant changes that needs to be made. She has earned my family's business for life. David Heath

David Heath

Chesapeake, VA

To me Kursti was an angel sent by God on a cold windy day.She knocked on my door introduced herself, we engaged in a
conversation and became friends. She has been a blessing every since.  She has given me sound advice on Medicare insurance ,Life Insurance & Annuities.She is my advisor as well as my friend. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs advice because she is on point.  If you're not using Kursti then you're not planning your future wisely.

Priscilla Tennyson

Chesapeake, VA

I found Kursti when I first retired from being a Longshoreman in 2002, She understood how my benefits worked and she made sure that I would never run out of money in my retirement and has kept my savings safe.  She helped me select the best Annuity for my needs and has been faithful to take care of anything I have ever needed. throughout the years.  I love her, I have never had to call a 800 number for service.  She comes to my house to take care of my requests and is always happy to help.  I am so grateful for her and I will be her client for life!

James Sears

Chesapeake, VA

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