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What are Anniuties?

Annuities are Retirement Insurance

An Anuity is a long term Insurance contract between you and a Insurance Company.  Contracts are anywhere between five to fourteen years depending on the needs of the individual.


You place your funds with an Insurer and in turn they offer you a set of guarantees such as Guaranteed Incomes as well as interest accumulation. The options vary within each annuity.  


There are a few types of Annuities offered by Insurance companies such as Fixed, Fixed Index & Variable. 


Security First Financial LLC Agency only offers the Fixed & Fixed Indexed types of Annuities.  These two types of Annuities offer Guarantees and Saftey for consumers looking to provide themselves certainy from risk of loss as well as a predictable income they can never outlive. These types of annuities are not invested in the stock market.


Fixed Annuities offer a guaranteed declared rate of interest  for each year of the contract and a Fixed Indexed Annuity has options to credit interest to your account based on the Stock Market index( your money is not invested in the market it is only your interest that is determend by the Stock Market index) Clients like the Market Linked growth they can recieve without having to risk the risk of a market downturn.


Fixed Indexed Annuities also offer options for Guaranteed Incomes for a lifetime.  both Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuities have surrender penalties and are not bank products and are not FDIC insured.  They are guaranteed by the Insurance Carrier and the saftey and stability of the company offering the Annuity.


Some of the benefits of these types of annuities include the following:

Saftey & Guarantees- Preservation of your Premium Dollars

Growth Potential

Option for Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Tax Defferal

Potential to Avoid Probate

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